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Special Needs Patients

Patients with either physical or mental disabilities are always welcome at the Gosport Dental Clinic. Dr. Heck is patient, understanding, and compassionate towards all of her patients. She goes the extra mile to provide the best care possible for patients with special needs.

Our office is located in an old house with wide hallways and doorways that are easily maneuverable for wheelchairs and walkers. We usually serve our special needs patients in one of two extra-large treatment rooms, one of which accommodates the largest commonly used wheelchair.

We have six differently designed chairs available and from these we choose the one that best fits the physical needs of the patient. One chair has no arms so that a patient can be easily transferred from his or her wheelchair with the arm in the down position.

If moving to the dental chair isn’t possible, Dr. Heck will provide treatment to a patient in his or her wheelchair, making any provisions necessary in order to better serve the patient.