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Teeth whitening can be as easy as buying white strips at the drug store, or as complicated as using the newest technology to whiten your teeth in one hour. Dr Heck and her staff have been whitening teeth with the newest products and technology since these were introduced in the late 1980’s.

Almost anyone is a candidate for whitening. There are, however, situations which make bleaching easier or more difficult. Teeth with yellow to yellow-brown color will lighten easier than teeth that are bluish gray or tetracycline stained teeth.

Home whitening with trays can be the most cost efficient. Once you have the bleaching trays, any over-the-counter-whitening agent can be effective given enough time and patience.

One hour whitening can be done in one visit or may require multiple visits depending on how sensitive the teeth become. Often home fluoride treatments are required to help with sensitivity. Dr. Heck wants all patients interested in one hour whitening to also be aware that home whitening trays are essential in maintaining your beautiful, white smile.

A whiter smile can make you look and feel years younger. Of all the cosmetic treatments offered, teeth whitening is the easiest and most noticeable.