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TMJ disorder, teeth grinding and clenching can all cause a disruption to daily life and result in extreme pain. Fortunately there is a treatment that will relax the muscles that control the jaw (temporomandibular) joint. This treatment is known as BOTOX Dental Therapeutic. Traditional treatments such as night guards and dental splints were used in the past to treat these conditions. However, BOTOX Dental Therapeutic injections deliver targeted treatment to the source of the problem.

Long before BOTOX injections were used to treat facial esthetics, they were used for medical purposes. This would include anything from facial tics, involuntary muscle movement, migraine headaches, and many more. BOTOX injections were originally used in the early 1960’s to treat crossed eyes. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s it was used for many medical purposes in which muscles need to be relaxed.

The cosmetic uses for BOTOX were initially observed in the mid to late 1980’s in Toronto Canada by a husband and wife medical team. The wife is an ophthalmologist and the husband is a dermatologist. The wife was using BOTOX to treat “fluttering eyelids”. After several injections for the eyelid muscle they observed that the “crow’s feet” wrinkles had disappeared. The use of BOTOX for facial esthetics was studied over a 10 year period. In 2002 the FDA approved the use of BOTOX for facial esthetics.

BOTOX is one of the most studied medical products on the market. These extensive research studies have shown BOTOX to be extremely safe. The effects of the initial injection lasts 3-4 months. BOTOX relaxes the muscles in which it is injected. As the muscles relax the individual is unable to continue grinding or squinting depending on which area was injected. Studies have shown that after 3 or 4 injections over a period of time, the individual muscle is actually retrained.